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                                BOOKALICIOUS CHAT GUIDELINES 

There are a few things Bookalicious Twitter Book Club members should keep in mind as we discuss our book selections on the public forum of Twitter.

* The biggest rule of Twitter Book Club is NO SPOILERS! A public book club should only tease the readers so they feel the need to go and pick up the book. I like to suggest we talk "around" the story. So basically don't give up the killers name, give away the ending or mention who the heroine hooks up with in the end.

* Book Club members who receive a free book should take note of the Twitter chat date for that particular book and make every effort to participate in the Twitter chat. If something comes up and you can't join us then please consider other options to participate and share your thoughts. You can send me your questions or comments to be included in the chat, or even better, schedule your tweets using or some other tweet scheduler. If you didn't finish the book you can still join the chat. I mentioned before that we try our best to avoid spoilers so no worries about members telling you too much. Book Club members don't have to tweet for the whole chat but attendance is greatly appreciated by your host, the author and the publisher who sent you the free book!

* Shameless self-promotion is just bad Twitter party etiquette. If you have a book review that you would like to share then please do, but leave this material until the end of our book club chat. The same consideration should be used if you wish to talk to the author about something personal like your writing or places of  personal interest. Please leave this type of discussion until after our chat time is up. We only have 60-90 minutes of the author's time so it would be great if we could all try our best to stay on topic.

* The next tip should be obvious but members should refrain from making derogatory comments about the author's writing or slamming the book outright. If you didn't like the book then just saying the book wasn't for you or not your preferred genre is quite enough to get your point across. Not all books are for everyone so we should keep this in mind and respect all opinions. 

* Thanking sponsors and authors will go a long way for future book club considerations, so don't wait until the chat date to chime in. Let me, the author and the publisher know you received your book! RTing of book draw tweets is highly recommended and increases your chance of winning more free book or prize from the Bookalicious Twitter Book Club sponsors, so tweet away book club members!

*If you have any more book club suggestions just send them to me in a DM my book club friend! @BookaliciousCA



Bookalicious draw participants must be residents of Canada unless otherwise stated in the Bookalicious Blog or in the @BookaliciousCA Twitter book draw tweets.

You have to be registered with the Bookalicious Newsletter to be eligible for Twitter draw prizes. Click here to sign up. Only one RT tweet per Bookalicious Twitter Book Club member will be entered per draw.

Bookalicious Blog draw winners will have 7 days to respond to an email from or a Twitter DM from @BookaliciousCA by suppling their full mailing address. Failure to respond after 7 days have transpired will lead to a forfeiting of the prize and a redraw for the unclaimed prize will take place.

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