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I had the pleasure of testing a variety of ShatoBu shapewear garments during the month of September. I wore a piece of shapewear 4 or 5 times a week for a total of 16 test wears. Each time I wore the shapewear anywhere from 2-6 hours.

In the past I have tried shapewear from a variety of brands but usually reserved it for special occasions. I find most shapewear to be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time or restrictive when it came to pairing with clothing. I don't like dealing with the rolling of the waistband or the feeling of the garment riding up or pulling as I move.

Initially, I thought the ShatoBu shapewear resembled some of the other similar brands on the market but quickly experienced the difference with an acceptable level of comfort that I attribute to the superior construction of the garments. One thing I did notice is the ShatoBu garments actually do return to their shape after hand washing and hang drying. In the past I noticed that other shapewear brands did not wash up well.

I could feel the resistance bands working while wearing the ShatoBu shapewear, especially when walking long distances. I also found that while wearing the shapewear, I had a heightened awareness to concentrate on engaging my core muscles, even when in a seated position. I actually wore a ShatoBu shaper for two pilates classes and found it to be similar to wearing fitted yoga pants. I was also pleased that the shapewear's moisture wicking feature actually worked to keep me drier than I would have imagined.

After wearing ShatoBu for a month, I noticed I felt a bit more confident and energized when I was wearing them as opposed to when I went without wearing them. The shapewear made my slinkier dresses fit better and any signs of panty lines were eliminated.

My favourite piece of ShatoBu is the footless leggings. I enjoyed wearing them with a tunic dress and gladiator style sandals. I just started wearing the high waist tights with boots to work with the cooler Fall weather.

After experiencing the comfort and long-wearing performance of the ShatoBu shapewear, I would consider purchasing more ShatoBu products and I will recommend the ShatoBu shapewear to friends. 

Disclosure Details

I did not receive pay for this review but I did receive 5 pieces of ShatoBu shapewear for the purpose of product testing.

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The View From All Generations

Posted by Wanda Lynne Young on Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sometimes there's just no accounting for taste as seen in the popularity of the MTV reality TV show Jersey Shore. Last week the cast of Jersey Shore appeared on The View and drew much hurrahs and guffaws from the hosts and viewers alike. The best part of the interview was watching Whoopi making sneers and jeers all the while donning a hat - a la Mad Hatter - to celebrate the opening of the movie Alice in Wonderland. Barbara Walters was a no-show for the day and I don’t think she missed anything is all I can say! The next day I heard - Elizabeth I think – say it’s a generation thing, referring to the opposing views on the Jersey Shore show. I don’t get the appeal myself, but figure it’s a matter of each to his own.

Joy and Regis Philbin CD launch "Just You. Just Me."

 On the other end of the spectrum was Friday’s show with Regis and Joy Philbin promoting their new music CD entitled "Just You. Just Me". Basically, this collection of songs is duets of standards sung by dear old Regis and his doting wife Joy. Cute, but not my cup of tea either. I gather this style of music would be a generation thing as well.

 So to recap, this week The View gave us trashy reality TV for the 20 somethings and stale musical memories for the 60 somethings and a bit of crazy in between - Nadya Suleman. The woman better known as Octomom dropped in and gave the ladies a big dose of laughter. The general Twitter consensus is that Octomom is certifiable and The View has the footage to prove it! Just see it for yourself online if you need the proof for yourself.

On a more positive note, Danielle Steel stopped by to talk about her new novel "Big Girl". Steel's book will appeal to many women with a heroine who battles her body image and her self-image. She is an inspiration as an accomplished author and a dedicated mother to 9 children.

I’m looking forward to next week’s line-up which includes Robert Pattinson for the vampire fans, Valerie Bertinelli, who still needs to take her weight management one day at a time (groan) and lots of Oscar hype leading up to The Academy Awards Show!

 I would like to give a special shout-out to my new Twitter gal pals in the #TheViewMoms group!

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